Why Absolute? 

Successful investments are about more than money. They’re about trust, foresight and commitment.

At Absolute, we believe in providing investors with the smoothest experience possible, from the initial investment right through to the maturity of the investment. Absolute specialises in bringing promising Arbitrage opportunities to our investors in the form of Corporate Bonds.  Our rigorous selection process potentially pinpoints what we consider to be the most dependable and promising Arbitrage Traders, to allow our investors to reap the relatively risk-free benefits that Arbitrage trading can bring

Why Arbitrage? 

We sincerely believe that Arbitrage gives the best blend of risk and return in the investment world.

Investopedia.com one of the foremost Financial Terminology websites describe Arbitrage as…

“Arbitrage happens when a security is purchased in one market and simultaneously sold in another at a higher price.”

“This results in a profit from the temporary price difference”

“Arbitrage is considered a risk-free profit for the investor or trader”

Ref* https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/what-is-arbitrage/


How is my money invested?

A Corporate Bond is a debt instrument. Absolute offer an investment into the bond it has issued to potential investors, upon subscription, the investors become Bondholders.

Bondholders are due to receive interest payments either quarterly, annually or on the Maturity Date (at the end of the 5 year term).

The bond is asset-backed; this means that funds ultimately lent out as a result of investment in the bond are secured by a pledge or guarantee held over Absolute’s assets. Please note this does not guarantee that all capital would be repaid.

The Potential Benefits of the Eligible Bond

Successful investments are about more than money. They’re about trust, foresight and commitment.

Offering 9.6% per annum*

Early redemption option may be available after Year 2 with no penalties*

*Terms and Conditions apply

Potential 48% total return on your investment over 5 years*

This is a forecast which is based on the terms of the bond and is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Asset Backed

The fact that the bond is asset backed would not guarantee that all capital would be repaid. Investment not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

(You may lose some or all of your capital if the Issuer Defaults)

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